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Gang of the Unicorn
Gang of the Unicorn
Gang of the Unicorn
Gang of the Unicorn
Gang of the Unicorn

We are Gang of the Unicorn

A Digital Media Creative & Storytelling Team

Whether it’s inspirational, though provoquing, humorous or educational,
It's always memorable.



We enrich the personality of brands

and create public endearing

Objective-driven stories inspired by you,
Stories coming to life through digital content,
Content designed to reach out and strongly connect with it's public.



Who we are

Nathalie Barbé
Nathalie Barbé


I study your DNA and your objectives and design sense.

Cultural actor for the last 15 years as deputy director for a cinema festival, assistant set designer, web marketer with brand building expert Martin Lindstrom (London), gallery owner (Galerie Nathalie Barbé - Paris).

Fredy Busso
Fredy Busso

Film Director & Screen Writer

I transform sense into stories, your vision into visuals.

20 years in the visual world as director and storyteller, major actor of brand contents scene (TVCs, Digital Contents). My latest works (films for international campaigns) are awarded in many festivals.

This is Bangkok


C/O Blue Spice Design

Arayasub Building, 5th floor,
49/51 Naradhiwasratchankain Rd
10500 Bangkok

Nathalie's mobile : +66 (0)9 85 04 45 40